This was our 5th year receiving the coveted "5 Star Award" from Library Journal and we were more than pleased to be included in their All the Stars, All Five Editions article. 


and then we won it again, and again, and again...

LJ Index 2012: All the Stars, All Five Editions

Island Free Library, New Shoreham, RI
2010 Population 1,035
2010 Expenditures $447K
l j i Category$400K–$999.9K

Like some other top-scoring LJ Index libraries, Island Free Library operates in a resort community. On a fairly small operating budget, library director Kristin Baumann is proud that the library “does a heck of a job” delivering responsive services to residents and seasonal visitors. Seeking inexpensive but effective collaborations, the library runs a joint film festival with a local environmental organization, the Ocean View Foundation, and also cleverly routed the path of its annual Lantern Walk fundraiser to end at the Block Island Historical Society’s open house. On summer evenings, the library’s lawn is aglow with devices held by residents and visitors alike, making use of the library’s 24-hour Wi-Fi access.