The annual summer reading program is designed to encourage recreational reading resulting in an improved and higher reading level throughout the summer.  Children entering grades K-6 in the fall are eligible to participate.  Registration will begin in June for the 6 week reading program.

Sponsored by:

The Island Free Library


RI Office of Library and Information Services


U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services


Friends of the Island Free Library


For more information, please call 401-466-3233.


Summer Reading Program 2018 Special Events 


June 28th @ 10:30AM

The Shanteyman presents a program of music, poetry and stories of the sea. The program is geared toward elementary and middle school-aged children and is highly participatory. Kids will play in a 'fufu' band, an improvisational group of players on pots and pans! Or, they will use a light block-and-tackle in a fun tug-of-war to experience the mechanical advantage of simple machines. The Shanteyman uses a multi-media presentation to inspire and entertain kids, and we'll learn about simple machines and the mechanical advantage they provided for sailors before the advent of powered machinery                                                                      while they sing along!



                                                                                                      July 11th @ 11AM

Nathan The Magician is a local Magician of Rhode Island. He is also an active member of "The Society Of American Magicians", one of the oldest Magic Organizations in the World! Nathan believes that not only is magic an entertaining form of art, it also brings people together! Magic is changing the way we look at things in a magical point of view.







                                                                                                             July 27th @ 11AM                  Join us and musician/storyteller Greg Lato for TRY, an inspiring and motivational singalong book about not being afraid or discouraged to take a chance on anything you want to do. After all, any accomplishment starts with that first step of trying regardless of your fear of failure, not being any good, or caring what others think. There are no limits if you just give it a go! Open to all ages. 





August 17th @ 11AM 

Bwana Iguana Reptile Adventure is a fast paced, hands-on show that brings the audience into the mysterious world of reptiles. Ray Ward's unbridled enthusiasm and quick wit keeps everyone engaged, and sometimes on the edge of their seats. Not only is the presentation educational, it loads of fun and entertaining as well.