As the high summer season continues, we are thrilled to welcome you to our new & improved Island Free Library website. As the new broadband was installed & as technology is continuously elevating, it was the perfect time for our own upgrade.

New features include a full revamp of our events & calendar system, specialized homepages for our teens & kids, “New On The Shelf” lists, a specialized “Donate” page where you can give to the library, & a blog section for us to announce, recap, or share whatever is happening over here at your favorite town spot!

We recognize that this is a VERY new look for us; so please do not hesitate to ask any staff for assistance or clarification on any aspect of our new site. That being said, everything regarding the OSL Catalog or other reference links have not changed, but are just living in a new space.

Thank you for your loyal patronage of the Island Free Library & we look forward to continue improving our services for you!

IFL Staff