The Town of New Shoreham declared a State of Emergency effective from March 18, 2020 through April 15, 2020.


Medical capacity on the island is extremely limited. There is no capability to test for the COVID-19 virus on the island.

A SHELTER IN PLACE order goes into effect at 5:00 pm on March 24, 2020 and will extend to APRIL 15, 2020.

Travel to Block Island is strongly discouraged.

Anyone arriving to Block Island must immediately self-quarantine for two weeks other than Essential Activity personnel.

Visitors who are not involved in essential activities shall leave the island and follow CDC and Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH) guidelines.

All residents, full-time and seasonal, must shelter in place and follow CDC and RIDOH guidelines.

Only transient workers who are engaged in essential activities may commute to Block Island.

All short-term lodging is ordered to cease during the effective period of this order.

Restaurants, bars and cafes are closed. Limited take-out service is available.
Gatherings of 10 or more people are prohibited.
Taxi service has been suspended until further notice.
Town Offices, the Library and the Block Island School are closed and unavailable to the public.

Please read the ordinance at You are responsible for compliance with this order.



Please be aware of the definitions:

Quarantine (Everyone arriving on Block Island must quarantine for 14 days.)

The term quarantine means you must go directly to your home – do not stop anywhere in route. You must stay inside your home or on your property if you go outside.  You may not go for a walk on the beach or nature trails and friends are not to visit on your property. If you need necessities (mail, food, medicine, etc.) you should have someone deliver those to you and that person should leave the items for you.  You should not meet the delivery person face-to-face nor have human contact with anyone for 14 days.  If you are self-quarantining and there are other people in the house, stay as separate as possible given the layout of the house. Ideally, the self-quarantined person has their own bedroom and bathroom and eats apart from the others. Please be prepared to cross to Block Island with everything you may need to stay in your home for 14 days.

Shelter-at-Home (Everyone on Block Island not quarantined must shelter-at-home.)

The term “Shelter-in-Place” means remaining at your residence except for Essential Activities; however, people may leave their homes for outside activities such as walks and exercise, but social distancing must be maintained and the CDC and Rhode Island Department of Health guidelines must be followed.