Who’s reading: Mary Sue Record

Last best book Mary Sue read: The Madness of Crowds by Louise Penny

Why Mary Sue liked it: I’m a fan of this series featuring Chief Inspector Gamache of the Quebec police department. The books always involve a crime to be solved but the real interest comes from the inhabitants of Three Pines, a remote village where Gamache lives. Over the course of several books, they feel like old friends, quirky but likable. You share their sorrows, joys,  and the warmth of their connection to each other. The Madness of Crowds explores how dangerous ideas can take hold in people’s minds, particularly if they have just survived a crisis like a pandemic. Sound familiar? The exploration of this phenomenon along with the familiarity of our friends in Three Pines makes this a standout book in this series.
In 3 words: Gamache, topical, Three Pines