In celebration of Black History Month, we’ll be highlighting a diverse range of books – poetry, novels, memoirs and more – all written by Black American authors. Each of these works moved, engaged, delighted, enraged, and excited Island Free Library readers’ this past year, and we’ll be featuring one title every day through the month of February.
Today’s work is Steven Dunn’s Water & Power – this genre-defying novel deconstructs a naval officer’s experience while in service and back home. Exploring masculinity, fatherhood, and the nature of power and it’s demands, this autobiographical novel makes form elastic while investigating the structures that shape our lives (and so much more)!
Originally from West Virginia, Dunn is a Navy veteran and the author of two novels, A 2021 Whiting Award winner, Dunn teaches in the MFA programs at Regis University and Cornell College. Stay tuned for a new book tomorrow!